Commemoration of the First Anniversary

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Members of the SNHSP UK including, the Society’s President Dr Tejendra Pherali participated in the commemoration of the first anniversary day of the Nepal 2015 earthquake at the Embassy of Nepal, London.

SNHSP members with Embassy staffs and UK volunteers

The event was significant given the leading role SNHSP played by setting up an information desk at the embassy to liaise and coordinate the wave of initial response to the disaster. The embassy, along with other organisations, recognised our distinct contribution in securing financial and material help to earthquake survivors. The Society was one of the first organisations to advocate for supporting the state mechanism for relief and reconstruction while continuously holding the government accountable for the responsibility to deliver humanitarian help to its people. As the reconstruction authority has started its work and the aid that was pledged by the international community is arriving, it has become even more important to emphasise the role of the government in rebuilding Nepal.
The SNHSP continues to engage with issues that relate to the mission of rebuilding Nepal and extends its solidarity to the hope – We will rise again!
SNHSP Members with Act. Ambassador and  Embassy staffs

SNHSP Members with Act. Ambassador and Embassy staffs

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