Ninth Executive Committee Members: 2024-2026

9th Executive Committee Members 2024 – 2026

President: Mr Gajen Katwal, MA

Mr Gajan Katwal is the President of SONP-UK. Mr Gajen is a social development activist, and he has more than a decade of experiences working in various multilateral and bilateral Organisations in Nepal (UNDP, SDC, SNV, Plan International, and Pro-public) from local to the national level. He holds Master’s Degree in International Social Development from University of East Anglia UK and Master’s in Sociology from TU Nepal. Mr Gajen recently working in Community Health in H&F Partnership, UK. He is also an Advisor of NRNA-UK, Dartford Nepalese Community-UK, Ilam Society UK, Royal Borough of Greenwich Nepalese Society-UK and Chairperson of Social Campaign for Positive Change (SCPC) in Illam Nepal.  Mr Gajen has been living in UK since 2005 in Dartford Kent and he is natively from Illam, Nepal.

Vice President: Dr Ramji Poudel, PhD, MPhil, MA, MBA

Dr Ramji Poudel is the Vice-President of the 9th Executive Committee of SoNP-UK. Dr Ramji Poudel is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance with more than 30 years of experience in the teaching profession (more than 20 years in higher and further educational institutions). Dr Ramji holds a PhD in Corporate Governance from Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, UK, and an MPhil in Management, MA in Economics and MBA in Finance from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Dr Ramji has research interests in accounting and finance, particularly in corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, corporate finance, and financial reporting systems. Dr Poudel has been living with family in Dartford, Kent, UK, since 2007, and he is originally from Tanahun, Nepal.

General Secretary: Dr Bidur Ghimire, PhD (Engg.), MSc (Water Res. Engg.), BCE (Civil Engg.)

Dr Bidur Ghimire is a Water Resources Expert with a background in Civil Engineering, holds a PhD from Kyoto University, Japan in river system engineering and management. His expertise in this field has made significant contributions to the understanding of flood hydraulics and management of sustainable water resources. Beyond his professional achievements, Dr Ghimire is deeply committed to philanthropy, actively contributing to various charitable endeavours through organizations such as Dartford Lions. He also serves as an advisor to the Society of Nepalese Engineers in UK, where he provides valuable guidance and support to the engineering community. Dr Ghimire’s blend of technical expertise and community involvement highlights his dedication to both his profession and societal betterment.

Joint-Secretary: Mr Shambhu Adhikari, MBA

Mr Shambhu Adhikari is the Joint-Secretary of SONP-UK. Mr Adhikari holds MBA from TU Nepal. Mr Adhikari is an accounting and financial professional with more than 26 years of work experiences in Governmental, Private Institutions and Non-Governmental sector. Since 2006, Mr Adhikari has been working in several private sector commercial organisations in London and South-East Kent, UK as Financial Controller, Group Finance Manager and Head of Finance. Mr Adhikari has been living in Kent, UK since 2006 and he is natively from Lamjung, Nepal

Treasurer: Mr Ranjan Bista, MBA
Ranjan Bista, a Chartered Accountant with an MBA from Warwick Business School, is a banking professional with over a decade of experience in consultancy and financial services. His expertise includes financial management, risk management, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance, making him a trusted advisor in driving financial growth and stability. As a dedicated charity volunteer, he has years of experience supporting community initiatives as a Trustee. In his spare time, Ranjan is an avid DJ and painter, channelling his creativity into both music and art.

Member: Mrs  Lila Regmi

Member: Mrs Jamuna Neupane
Mrs NeupaneI was born in Chitwan, Nepal. She holds Master’s in Economics from TU KTM Nepal. She is passionate about supporting communities and was part of Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu.  Currently, she is working as an Early Years Consultant in Greenwich. She likes to travel, do Yoga, listen music in her spare time.

Member: Mr. Purna Roka

Mr. Purna Roka is an executive member of SONP-UK. He is an IT Lecturer in the Computing department at London South East Colleges, in partnership with the University of Greenwich, and brings over 24 years of teaching experience in higher and further education. Mr. Roka holds an MSc in Computer Science and a Postgraduate qualification in Computing Education. His areas of interest include Cyber Security, Programming, and Artificial Intelligence. Originally from Syangja, Nepal, Mr. Roka has been residing in the UK since 2009.

Member: Mr Ramhari Hamal, LLB, MBA, MAAT, CeMAP

Mr Ramhari Hamal is an executive-member of SONP-UK. Mr Hamal is a Mortgage and Protection Adviser with more than 25 years of diverse work experiences in Accounting, Finance, Banking and community sectors. Previously he had worked with different organizations including Central Bank, and development projects like NGO Fund Project, GTZ, RWSS, MCPW. Mr Hamal holds LLB, MBA, MAAT and CeMAP. Mr Hamal currently working as a Mortgage & Protection Adviser. He has great interest in working with community-based organizations.  Mr Hamal has been living in South East London UK since 2007 and he is natively from Parbat, Nepal.

Member: Raju Neupane

Loves running and cycling, entrepreneur, social worker and NHS employee alongside staff network core member at Lewisham Hospital

Management graduate with two children. Passionate believer in working together to achieve a common goal.

Member: Shiksha Baral

Shiksha Baral is a dedicated general dentist who graduated from Plovdiv Medical University. With a passion for providing quality dental care, she combines her professional skills with a warm, patient-centred approach. Outside of her practice, Shiksha is a keen  traveler and cook finding joy in exploring new cultures and cuisines. An enthusiastic reader, she continually seeks knowledge and inspiration through literature.  Committed to making a positive impact, Shiksha has recently become an active member of the Nepalese community, contributing her time and efforts to give back and support her heritage.