Complex identities and the future of our children in a global society

Our children are caught in the middle of parental demands to succeed academically and professionally in Britain whilst firmly embracing our cultural heritage. There are more than 200 million people living as migrants, globally. Cultural transition from home to the host country involves tensions around the way migrants adapt to their new identities. Immigrant children, or children of mixed race/ culturally mixed parents, face conflicting …

Annual Outdoor Event; Summer BBQ 2019

Society of Nepalese Professionals-UK successfully organised it’s ANNUAL FAMILY OUTDOOR EVENT: SUMMER BBQ 2019 at Hewitt’s Farm, Orpington, Kent on 21July 2019. The participant members and their cildren engaged themselves in various activities throughout the day. Though the vunue had to be changed on the same morning, the number of participation was exciting.

Interaction with Oxbridge Graduates – Speakers Biography

As an update on our upcoming event on interaction with Oxbridge graduates, please note the speakers’ bio below. Please share this with your children. Please note that all parents including, children who are still in junior schools are welcome to attend the event. If you have not registered yet, please follow the link below.