About SoNP-UK

About Us

The Society of Nepalese Professionals (UK), formerly known as Society of Nepalese Highly Skilled Professional, UK was conceptualised in December 2008 and came into existence on February 2009 as a membership organisation with following aims and objectives. Society of Nepalese Professionals-UK organises various interactive activities to promote cultural, educational and welfare issues that might be of interest to Nepalese living in the UK.  
Society’s Objective:
  1. Play key role in the advancement of community by taking leadership in facilitating and sharing ideas, information, knowledge and experience among the members of the Society and wider community.
  2.  Act as a platform for the advancement of various aspects such as education, arts, culture, heritage by conducting various activities and events dedicated to education, arts, culture, heritage.
  3. The advancement of health and general well being by promoting various activities that have a proven beneficial effect on health and well being of the community people.
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