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Society of Nepalese Professionals - UK

Election Progress Status 2018

Schedule of SNPUK-Election 2018

1. Membership list publish -   Tuesday, 2nd January 2018 ok

2. Claim on membership -   Till Tuesday, 13th March 2018 ok

3. New membership registration -   From Wednesday, 3rd January to

           Tuesday, 13th March 2018 ok

4. Final voter list publish -  Saturday, 17th March 2018ok

5. COCAS -   If Applicable

6. Candidate Nomination -   From Tuesday, 20th March 2018 to ok

           Saturday, 31st March 2018

7. Election Day     - Sunday, 1st April 2018 ok

  - Candidates list publish:   2:00pm

  -Nomination withdrawl and claims:  2:05pm to 2:30pm

  - Final candidates list publish:   2:45pm

  -2 minutes speech from each candidate prior to voting:  3:00pm to 3:30pm

  Voting:  3:30pm to 4:00pm

  -Result publish:  4:15pm

8. New Year Programme     - Saturday 14th April 2018

9. Handover/takeover Ceremony     - Saturday 14th April 2018 (Nepalese New Year Day)

[Election Committee]
Sm. Thapa - "Co-ordinator"
Arka Raj Timalsena
Narayan Bhattarai
Ritesh Aryal (IT Support)

Should you have any query or suggestion please feel free to contact
Election Committee