Pray for Nepal

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Society of Nepalese Highly Professional UK (SNHSP-UK) has successfully completed the Pray for Nepal charity dinner event on Friday 29th of May 2015. On this occasion Society’s members, Member of Parliament of UK, councillors and other guest were present. MP Lyn Brown and MP Stephen Timms also gave their short speech about the earthquake victims in Nepal. Similarly Councillors Bachhu Kailash Kaini ( Dartford Council) and other councillors also expressed their views. Mr Narayan Bhattarai President of SNHSP-UK had made appeal and had given thanks to all guests and society members for their help & support to organise the Pray for Nepal fund raising program. The event was conducted at Amma Chettinadu Restaurant, East Ham, London, E12 6SB

This program news was also broadcasted to the Gorkha Channel News.

This was also published on the News.

And also published on Mero News channel.

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