New year and handover/takeover

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Society of Nepalese Highly Skilled Professionals UK has celebrated the New Year 2073 with various activities on 9th of April 2016. The events were followed by musical night enjoying a lot by singing, dancing and other activities. At the same day SNHSP-UK has completed its handover/takeover functions as well with the newly elected committee. The function was grand success participating many society’s members and form other Nepalese communities.


This event was published on different news channels too. The newly elected committee was formed on the leadership of Dr. Tejendra Pherali. This committee is constructed with 11 executive bodies.


President: Dr. Tejendra Pherali, Vice President: Mr. Dip Giri, Secretary: Mr. Lekhnath Kharel, Treasurer: Mr. Ramkrishna Adhikari, Joint Secretary: Mrs. Shramila Neupane, Members: Mr. Narayan Sha, Mr. Tirtha Poudel, Mr. Shankar Chaudhari, Mr. Surya Tamang, Mrs. Pabina Dahal, Mr. Ashis Timsina

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